Success Stories

“I can see myself using the Teeter for the rest of my life and I know that I have invested in a really high quality machine”
Discover how Teeter Inversion Therapy transformed Peter Woolfe's life, relieving his lower back problem and improving sleep and mental clarity.
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Elevating Performance and Relieving Back Pain: Josh Kennedy's Journey with the Teeter Table
In this blog post, former Sydney Swans AFL player Josh Kennedy shares his personal experience and the positive impact of incorporating the Teeter table into his daily routine. Throughout his 16-year career, Kennedy faced occasional back issues that required attention. However, after discovering the Teeter table, he witnessed immediate effects on his back and decided to make it an integral part of his routine. This article highlights Kennedy's journey with the Teeter table, emphasizing its benefits for relieving back pain and improving overall spinal health.
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How Inversion Therapy and the Teeter Inversion Table Changed This AFL Player's Life
In this blog post, we hear the story of an AFL player who struggled with chronic back pain due to his physically demanding career. With just five minutes of therapy in the morning and evening, he was able to get his back under control and live a more normal life, even with three young children to keep up with.
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