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Relieve back pain at home in just minutes a day.

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Back Pain Relief,
Backed by Science

Teeter has the only inversion tables on the market that are FDA-Registered 510(k) Medical Devices, indicated for:

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Top Rehabilitation Equipment Solution Provider - 2020

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Expert Guidance
at Your Fingertips

Download the free Teeter MoveTM app to get the best inversion training in the industry with guided sessions led by our Corrective Exercise Specialist, Getting Started tutorials, how-to videos, and more!

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Built for the Benefits,
Technology You Can Trust

Superior design and materials. 3rd party safety certification. Unmatched warranty. Over 4 decades of innovation and a commitment to deliver the best in back pain relief drives everything we do and sets us apart from all the rest. See how Teeter quality stacks up to the competition.

Why Teeter?

Getting Started is Easy

Use the Teeter for just a few minutes a day to decompress the spine, reduce pressure and relieve pain.
The greater the angle the greater the stretch, but you never need to go to full inversion to feel the benefits.


Set Height

Set the height of the Teeter Inversion Table

Simply set your height
and the Teeter will
deliver smooth rotation.


Set Angle

Set the angle of the Teeter Inversion Table

Pre-set your angle
of inversion with the
Angle Tether.


Lock Ankles

Lock your ankles on the Teeter Inversion Table

Pressure-reducing foam locks in the ankles for superior comfort and security.


Recline & Relax

Recline and relax on the Teeter Inversion Table

Use simple arm movements to control the rotation and decompress the spine.

More Comfort. More Stretch. More Relief.

FlexTechnology - Best Bed to Decompress

Better than foam! Compared to padded beds that stop body slide, our smooth, firm surface enhances decompression for max pain relief.

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Premium Ankle Comfort

Enjoy superior ankle comfort and security with a safety-certified Ankle Closure featuring Ergo-Embrace Supports.

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Precision Balancing

Recline and relax with effortless rotation control and a responsive design that takes the fear out of inversion.

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FitSpine Accessories Included

Boost your pain relief with the included Lumbar Bridge and Acupressure Nodes bonus accessories.

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Exclusive Coaching and Support

Inversion Coaching
At Home
Teeter Move App

Get online video support plus guided inversion sessions with the free Teeter Move App.

30-Days to Back Pain Relief Digital Guide
Teeter Illustrated Guide

Illustrated series of beginner through advanced movements on your Teeter.

Easy Assembly with Interactive Instructions
Teeter Easy Assembly

Arrives 85% pre-assembled! Just click together the main components and add handles.

Australian-Based Customer Support
US Based Teeter Customer Support

Need help? Our team of inversion experts are here for you every step of the way.

Start Your Journey to Back Pain Relief

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LX9 Inversion Table
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X3 Inversion Table
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X1 Inversion Table
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Ergo-Embrace Ankle Supports
FitSpine Lumbar Bridge
FitSpine Acupressure Nodes
Deluxe EZ-Reach Ankle System
EZ-Stretch Traction Handles
Stretch Max Handles
LX Ergonomic Frame
LX Boarding Platform
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User Height / Weight Capacity

Product Dimensions

Product Weight

4'8" – 6' 6" / 136 kg

Non-Use: 61" x 28" x 57"
In-Use: 82" x 28" x 87"

32.11 kg

4'8" – 6' 6" / 136 kg

Non-Use: 58" x 29" x 61"
In-Use: 81" x 29" x 87"

29.84 kg

4'8" – 6' 6" / 136 kg

Non-Use: 58" x 29" x 61"
In-Use: 81" x 29" x 87"

26.89 kg