How Inversion Therapy and the Teeter Inversion Table Changed This AFL Player's Life

In this blog post, we hear the story of an AFL player who struggled with chronic back pain due to his physically demanding career. With just five minutes of therapy in the morning and evening, he was able to get his back under control and live a more normal life, even with three young children to keep up with.

As we grow older, it's common to experience various health issues, particularly with our joints and back. Unfortunately, for some, a career in sports or other physically demanding jobs can exacerbate these problems. Such was the case for this individual, who spent 15 years playing AFL, only to find himself struggling with a lousy back and unable to keep up with his three young children.

Thankfully, there's always hope, and sometimes, a solution is just around the corner.

“…a 15 year AFL career unfortunately left me with a pretty lousy back, and 7-8 years since it’s only gotten worse. 3 young kids to chase after and pick up after, I was in a pretty ordinary state.

Luckily I was introduced to the idea of inversion and the inversion table and over the last couple of years doing 5 min in the morning and 5 min in the evening on top of my other exercise, I have found it’s made a huge difference, and I’ve been able to get my back well and truly and under control and live a pretty normal life again. Its out here in the garage, and 5 min on the way to work and 5 min before I go to bed every night has made a huge difference, Thanks Teeter!” - Luke, LX9 Inversion Table

Inversion therapy is a form of treatment that involves hanging upside down, either partially or completely, to alleviate pressure on the spine and other joints. Teeter's inversion tables are a specialized piece of equipment that allows you to do this safely and comfortably, with adjustable settings to control the degree of inversion.

Luke found that doing just five minutes of inversion therapy in the morning and five minutes in the evening, on top of his other exercise routine, was enough to make a significant difference in managing his back pain. He notes that his back is now well and truly under control, allowing him to live a more normal life and keep up with his energetic children.

It's wonderful to hear such success stories, especially when it comes to managing chronic pain and discomfort. If you're someone who struggles with back pain, joint pain, or other issues, it may be worth considering inversion therapy and investing in an inversion table like the one this person uses. As always, it's essential to consult with your doctor or a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new treatment or exercise regimen.

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