“I can see myself using the Teeter for the rest of my life and I know that I have invested in a really high quality machine”

Discover how Teeter Inversion Therapy transformed Peter Woolfe's life, relieving his lower back problem and improving sleep and mental clarity.

Inversion Therapy has proven to be a game-changer for countless individuals seeking relief from back pain and enhanced well-being. One such success story comes from Peter Woolfe, a dedicated Maths Teacher from Melbourne, Australia. In this blog post, we will dive into Peter's journey and how he transformed his life with the help of Teeter, a top-of-the-line Inversion Table.

“I have been using Inversion Therapy in the form of a cheaper inversion table since last January, a period of 8 months,  and my lower back problem has improved greatly as a result.  I have also found that I enjoy better, sounder sleep and that I have greater mental clarity.
This is astounding but I greatly value these additional “side effects”.  The problem with using the cheaper unit which really bothered me was that my feet would start to go numb after a while because the ankle supports were not very comfortable.  Having become totally convinced about the benefits of Inversion Therapy and the wonderful “side effects” I was experiencing, I started to investigate changing over to the Teeter, the top of the line Inversion Table available in Australia.
I am now really excited with my new Teeter because it allows for full inversion with ease, it is comfortable on the ankles, it is very finely balanced so that my arm positions determine where the table rotates  - to my preferred inversion position or back to starting position.  Furthermore, my feet no longer go to sleep or get pins and needles.  In addition, the Healthy Back Positions DVD with Dr Shawn was a really pleasant surprise and contains lots of great exercises to help restore and maintain a healthy back lifestyle.
I can see absolutely no compromise anywhere in the quality in the way the table has been constructed or presented. With the other cheaper inversion table I had purchased earlier in the year, the instructions were very poor, actually un-useable because they were on a computer disc which would not open, the ankle supports became very uncomfortable after a while in my preferred inversion position and my feet “went to sleep”, I could not completely invert and the purpose of the swivel arm positions was a complete mystery to me.  The was no fine precision in the balancing or rotation angle by using  my arm positions, and I had to seriously pull myself up with the support arms on the frame of the unit to get back up to the disembarking position again after inversion.  The carabenas on the ends of the tether straps were weak and one of them broke on my first or second inversion.  I replaced it with one I purchased at a Rock Climbing shop. Even though the Teeter EP-950 was more expensive than the cheaper unit I had been using and it took some serious psychology for me to convince myself to buy it, I can see myself using the Teeter for the rest of my life and I know that I have invested in a really high quality machine.”
- Peter Woolfe, Maths Teacher, Melbourne

Discovering Inversion Therapy:

Eight months ago, Peter decided to explore Inversion Therapy to address his persistent lower back problem. Initially, he opted for a cheaper inversion table, but he encountered discomfort, numbness in his feet, and ineffective instructions. Despite this, he noticed some positive side effects such as improved sleep and mental clarity.

The Teeter Difference:

Fueled by the remarkable benefits he experienced, Peter was determined to find a superior solution. That's when he discovered the Teeter Inversion Table, renowned for its unparalleled quality and performance. Upon making the switch, Peter's life changed for the better.

Comfort and Precision:

One of the first things that delighted Peter was the comfort provided by the Teeter. Unlike his previous table, the Teeter's ankle supports were designed with utmost comfort in mind. This allowed him to fully enjoy the inversion experience without the discomfort of numb feet or pins and needles.
The Teeter also impressed Peter with its fine balance and ease of use. The table's design allowed him to determine the inversion position simply by adjusting his arm positions. This precision gave him full control over the therapy and ensured a seamless experience every time.

The Added Perks:

Alongside the Teeter Inversion Table, Peter received the Healthy Back Positions DVD, featuring Dr. Shawn's exercises. This surprise addition turned out to be incredibly valuable in helping him maintain a healthy back lifestyle. With this comprehensive package, Peter felt empowered to take charge of his well-being.

Investing in Quality:

Peter acknowledges that the Teeter EP-950 comes with a higher price tag compared to his previous cheaper unit. However, he firmly believes that the investment was worth every penny. The quality and construction of the Teeter far surpassed his expectations. From the sturdy carabiners to the precision in balancing, every aspect of the Teeter table exuded reliability and durability.

nversion Therapy, coupled with the Teeter EP-950, has been a life-changing experience for Peter Woolfe. As a satisfied customer, he can envision using the Teeter for the rest of his life. The freedom from back pain, improved sleep, and mental clarity have not only transformed his physical well-being but also enriched his daily life as a devoted Maths Teacher. With this remarkable success story, Peter stands as a testament to the power of Teeter's top-of-the-line Inversion Therapy solutions.

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Disclaimer: This success story is based on Peter Woolfe's personal experience with Teeter Inversion Therapy. Individual results may vary. It is advisable to consult a healthcare professional before beginning any new health regimen or exercise routine.

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